Frequently Asked Questions

About Proppio

Also see our online dictionary for more information.

What is proppio?

proppio is a property community where you can buy, sell or rent property for free. You can also save money by taking advantage of our great deals.

Why should I consider selling or renting my own property?

It saves you money and puts you in complete control of marketing your own property. Changes in technology and the way people look for properties now mean that FSBO (for sale by owner) is now easier and more popular than ever. You have information at your fingertips to help you set the price of your property and produce a professional looking property post.

Why should I trust proppio?

Because we are endorsed by leading organisations such as NHBC (National House Building Council) and select the best companies to work with so that you get the best deals.

Do I pay anything for using proppio?

No, listing your property for rent or sale and searches is completely FREE.

Can real estate agents use proppio?

No. That is part of the reason why you can save money using proppio.

Can I use a real estate agent as well as proppio?

Yes. If you still wish to use an agent you can use proppio as well. Just make sure that you check the terms of your contract to ensure that it is non-exclusive or you could end up paying more fees than you need to. If in doubt, check with your lawyer.

What features are available on proppio?

- Listing your property. - Search (type,property features,map,street view,current location,post code, country,town and region) - Open house - Favourites - Chat and Secure Messaging (between buyer and seller/renter) - Block for unwanted contacts - Activity to track what has been happening - Additional services (boards, legal, insurance, mortgages etc.)  Be sure to check which services are available in your country because they vary. - Special features for builders and developers

 How many properties can I list?

You can list as many properties as you like, anywhere you like, of any kind, for as long as you like FREE OF CHARGE. This includes commercial and new-build properties.

What does the 'Activity' feature do?

It allows you to track any information of interest about a property such as: price information or reductions, offers, favourites, open house and viewing requests

Where is proppio available?

proppio is available everywhere.

In which languages is the proppio available?

proppio is available in English.

How do I contact proppio?

See the contact us function. Please email us with your initial query so that we can keep track of your requirements. See contact us

Is proppio connected to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter?

Yes see the logos on our website or the tabs on the app. Don’t forget to let your friends and followers know if you have posted a property on proppio. Why not ask them to like it on facebook and pass the word along.

How do I keep up-to-date with developments at proppio?

See our blog accessible via the webpage or facebook and twitter.

Using proppio

How do I create an account?

The first time you use proppio you need to create an account unless you just wish to search without contacting anyone. This will enable you to buy, sell or rent a property. You will be asked for a few basic details which you can edit at any time. After that you only need your email address and password to login.

How do I edit my account details?

Press the edit button in "my profile".

How do I list my property?

After you have created an account press the sell/rent button in the main menu and follow the simple steps.

How do I edit a property listing?

Select the property you wish to edit in the "my properties" section and select the edit button.

How Can I Create the Best Listing for My Property?

Creating a listing is very easy. If you are confident about the information you post, you need only follow the directions step by step. If you need a little extra help see our blog for extra information to help you create a great listing. A good tip is to have your photos ready on your computer or mobile.

Can proppio help me make my property listing look more professional?

proppio is developing a range of extra services at fixed rates.  Check what optional property related services are available in your country on the 'Extras' tab on the top right hand corner of the page.

How do I order an proppio ‘for sale/rent’ board?

This is a very good idea as it can boost your chances of successfully marketing your property by as much as 60%. We have negotiated a great deal for UK users on boards for all proppio members. Watch out for the prompts when you list your property.  Check out the 'Extras' tab for more information.

How do I set the price for my property?

The short answer is that you can consult a variety of sources to get a really good idea of what your property is worth. Setting a fair price can have a dramatic impact on the number of enquires you receive so it is worth reviewing your price on a regular basis to ensure you are up-to-date with market values.

What pictures should I use for my Listing?

Here are the main points:- Take lots of pictures and choose the ones that best represent your property.- Include all the important rooms and don’t forget to photo the outside of you house and views. A few pictures any great features in your local area are a good idea too. - Make sure that you have taken the time to stage the property correctly before taking the photographs - make sure it is clean and tidy like a show home. - Leave all your lights on and use your flash when using your smartphone or camera. - Don't worry about the size of your pictures as they are automatically reduced to the correct size, just upload the best quality (highest resolution) that you can - landscape sized pictures work better than portrait sized images (longer in width than in height). - We recommend taking all the photographs on your smart phone or camera prior to posting your property as it will save a lot of time. - Why not take a few pictures of your property every time you do your regular house cleaning? Also take pictures at different times of day and night.

Can I upload a video?

Yes. Video is great way to give a guided tour of your house.

How should I describe my property?

Make sure that you describe your property as accurately as you can and remember to include all the extras the property has such as local amenities furniture and appliances. You can also use our online dictionary if you want to check words or terms for accuracy.

How do I make sure potential buyers know where my property is located?

Enable the GPS location of your property as a lot of potential buyers will want to view the exterior prior to making an appointment to view.

How do I block unwanted contacts?

You can block unwanted contacts on Desktop.

Can I delete unwanted messages?

Yes simply swipe the message you wish to delete.

Could my property post be deleted for any reason?

We only delete properties if they do not comply with our terms and conditions or if there is a reasonable complaint. We may need to delete old posts occasionally to ensure that inactive content is eliminated, but you will be informed first and will have the opportunity to indicate that your listing is still active.

Can I actually receive an offer on proppio?

Yes, you can accept an offer for sale or rent via the messaging function.

If I accept an offer via proppio will it be legally binding?

Accepting an offer via proppio is similar to accepting a verbal offer on the phone - it is only the first step in the process. You will still need to take legal advice in order to complete your sale or rental agreement.

How do I use proppio in a different language?

The language used on proppio defaults automatically to the settings of your smartphone, tablet or desktop. If you wish to switch languages, desktop is the easiest place to do this. If you wish to have your property description translated into other languages you can use our translation services (available soon) or write your description in both languages in the existing text box.

Open House Facility

Is there a way to save time with multiple viewings?

Yes. Utilise our "Open House" facility. This is a great way to get people through the door and can often lead directly or indirectly to a sale.

What is the "Open House" facility?

An open house is used to combine several viewings into one day. The invitation will be sent to anyone who has enquired about your property or who has marked it as a "Favourite". Your "Open House" will also be advertised on your post. This is a very popular way to sell property in the US, Canada and Australia and is becoming more popular in Europe.

How much notice should I give when sending out an "Open House" invitation?

We recommend allowing at least two weeks as this allows people to incorporate that day into their diary.

Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers and Renters

Can I save money by using proppio to search for rental properties?

Yes, because you will not have to pay agents' fees.

Do I need an account to just search for properties?

No, you do not need an account to search for properties, but you will need to register in order to contact a seller or renter or to report a property that has been incorrectly described or represented.

Is it easy to search for properties on proppio?

Yes, proppio is very intuitive and easy to use. You can search by price, type of property, location, reference number or by using our draw a search on the interactive map. Or you can use any text in the search box including any location details such as a town, property name or postcode.

Can I contact sellers without sharing my contact details?

Yes, by using our instant messaging service.

Can I locate a property and view the outside without contacting the owner?

Yes, all our listed properties can be located using the mapping function.

Can I find holiday rentals or house shares with proppio?

Not at the moment but these services are in our plans for the near future. Long term rentals are available anywhere in the world.

How do I know if my rental contract is fair?

Consult a good local solicitor to check your rights. Look out for our great deals on legal services.

How do I keep track of the best properties on proppio?

Simply add any property you like to favourites by pressing the heart icon on the property post.

What Safety Precautions Should I Take?

Personal details: Only give relevant information about your property and we recommend that you do not divulge any unnecessary personal details. This is why we have designed the messaging service. Do not give any information regarding holidays or other times when there is no-one at your property.Viewings: We recommend that you are never alone when showing your property. Should you live alone then we recommend that a friend or family member or neighbour is with you when conducting a viewing. If you have no choice but to show the property on your own please let someone know what you are doing, when you are doing it and who is viewing the property. It is also a good idea to let that person know approximately what time the viewing will take and that you will inform them once the viewing has been completed.Valuables: Always keep valuables in a safe and secure place and where they can't be seen during viewings.

Our Guide to Selling Your Home

How can I sell my property as quickly as possible?

Follow the basic steps to show off your property: - Ensure that your proppio post has great photos and a good description. The better your proppio post, the more stars you will win and higher you will appear in search results.- Use our tutorials to ensure you make the most of all the proppio features.- Get the maximum stars on proppio by telling friends and family about your post via social media. They can help you achieve the maximum number of stars.- Make sure the house is clean and tidy- Fix any maintenance issues- Curtains, blinds and shutters should be open, light is very important and we recommend that you also switch electric lights on when showing your house.- Tidy your house to ensure it looks spacious and appeals to as many potential buyers as possible- Ensure you house smells nice, especially if you have pets- If you want to go the extra mile then a vase of fresh flowers and scented candles are always good!- If you have the time and budget, we recommend redecorating any rooms that look tired. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders.- Play soothing music at a low volume.- Maximise your curb appeal so that buyers are tempted to view. Pot plants and a fresh coat of paint on the front door can dramatically improve the first impression that your property gives. Utilise our "Open House" facility. This is a great way to get people through the door and can often lead directly or indirectly to a sale.- Price your property correctly. Take into consideration market conditions, location, size and the condition of the property. There are several websites that provide information on recent sales and values in your area. - Make sure you use an proppio "For Sale" board! This is one of the most effective ways of marketing your property as most buyers tend to drive around their chosen areas several times prior to making a purchase. Available directly via our services page on the website. - Make sure you have a clear and concise list of what items are included in the sale and what items are subject to negotiations. Documents that could aid a sale include energy efficiency reports, property valuations, utility and council tax bills. Valuations and surveys are available directly via our services page on the website. - Use social media such as Facebook and twitter to tell friends and family that you are listed on Proppio.

Questions for Builders and Developers

Is proppio really free to all builders and developers of any size?

Yes, the largest builders in the UK are already registered with proppio because of our links with NHBC. All builders and developers can use proppio free of charge and there are other benefits as well.

Is there a way to upload all my properties to proppio?

Yes, proppio offers technical support to builders and developers simply email for further information.

Will potential buyers be able to contact a builder directly?

Yes, buyers can choose how they contact you via messaging, calls or emails. There is no need to go through any third party.

Can we use the proppio logo to market our properties?

Yes, simply email us for more information.
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